Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools

If you’re looking to add a fun and relaxing backyard experience to your home, there is no better way than with the stylish options provided by fiberglass pools. With opportunities for customization and reliable wear-resistant material, any size family or home can enjoy a fiberglass pool.

Create Unique Settings

There are 24 different models that come in several shapes and sizes for both pools and spas. Classic rectangle pools and dynamic oval shapes make an in-ground pool available for backyards of any size. More than just the shape, there are add-ons and features as well. Rockfalls give your backyard a natural earth tone. A water cascade, on the other hand, provides the same basic function but with a sleeker modern touch. Inside of the pool itself, more opportunities for customization give your backyard an extra touch of personality. Lighting, jets, and border tiles can be customized to your specifications. With these options, you can create the ambiance you want in your backyard. You can even plan ahead on creative patio furniture arrangements.

Special Features

Fiberglass pools are finished with a UV resistant gelcoat that doesn’t fade or stain. The smooth surface makes it easier to clean and maintain, meaning you spend less money on cleaning supplies. Coated pools are also safer without sharp corners or rough surfaces that can scratch the skin. Flexible fiberglass also gives with the movement of the earth below so that costly cracks never develop.

Let Us Help

Fresh Pool Service  can install your pool in one week. After installation, we offer extended services to our customers. We handle upgrades like more efficient pumps or conversions to salt water. We repair damaged or broken equipment. We offer various cleaning services as well, such as weekly check ups, vacation maintenance, and a one-time clean up offer for neglected pools.

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